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Hotel Helikon, Keszthely

Hotel Helikon

   3-star-hotel in Keszthely

3-star conference-, resort and sport hotel situated directly on the shore of Lake Balaton, in the small baroque town of Keszthely. Services: 232 rooms and 8 suites, conference and meeting facilities (15-320 persons), restaurant, coffee shop, brasserie, snack bar, cocktail bar, Danubius Premier Fitness, swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts and beauty salon, water sport facilities, open air parking.

 In-house-restaurant wellness facilities free Internet, wi-fi
Distance from Budapest: 195 km   |   Number of rooms: 232

Wellness Hotel KAKADU, Keszthely

Wellness Hotel KAKADU

   3-star-hotel superior in Keszthely

This family-run hotel is located in Keszthely, 350 meters from the shore of Lake Balaton. We are waiting for our guests and groups with extended services to meet the needs of the guests who choose wellness relaxation, providing them with the opportunity to preserve health and physical and mental relaxation.

 In-house-restaurant wellness facilities free Internet, wi-fi
Distance from Budapest: 195 km   |   Number of rooms: 34

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Hotel Papillon, Budapest

Hotel Papillon

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