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Featured 3-Star-Hotels in Budapest - Budget accommodations

Hotel Villa KORDA

Hotel Villa KORDA

breakfast air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Hotel in the 2nd district, 3.9 kms from the next Metro station.

Hotel KALVIN House

Hotel KALVIN House


Hotel in the 9th district, 0.2 kms from the next Metro station.

Hotel BURG

Hotel BURG

breakfast air-conditioned hotel

Hotel in the 1st district, 1.0 kms from the next Metro station.

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Featured 4-Star-Hotels in Budapest - High standard accommodations

Danubius Hotel Gellért

Danubius Hotel Gellért

breakfast next to river danube wellness facilities

Hotel in the 11th district, 0.8 kms from the next Metro station.

Hotel Casa Sol

Hotel Casa Sol

breakfast air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Hotel in the 8th district, 0.9 kms from the next Metro station.

Continental Hotel Zara

Continental Hotel Zara

breakfast air-conditioned hotel wellness facilities free Internet, wi-fi

Hotel in the 7th district, 0.5 kms from the next Metro station.

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Budapest, as the complimentary commonplace holds, is "the Queen of the Danube".

budapest gellert hill

The favorite lookout points can be approached through winding, romantic stairs. So are, from among those to be seen here, the Fishermen's Bastion, the spire of the Matthias Church, and the St. Gellert Hill, wreathed by the Citadel and crowned by the Statue of Liberty.
The Danube separates the two parts of the city, Buda and Pest, from each other. With the elegant promenades, hotels and rows of palaces along its two banks, it is the real main thoroughfare of Budapest

budapest parlament

Budapest is already an elderly lady, slowly getting on in years. Her houses recall a more and more romantic past, and have incredible stories to tell. Looking back from the vantage point of passing time, the stone carvings of the ancient Matthias Church and those of the more recent Fishermen's Bastion merge into one.
More and more ghost figures tread the narrow inner-city streets and the wide boulevards; the stories narrated by the shabby houses become more and more exciting. If we manage to ignore the cars parked on the pavement which block our way, and allow ourselves to be carried away by the atmosphere radiating from the stones, the city will tell us the most fascinating tales...

budapest hotels
Locust Tree Apartments,

Locust Tree Apartments, self-catering apartments in Budapest

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